The 21st Forestry Edition proposes a societal theme “Here begins a sustainable world”: upstream of the Forestry and Wood sector, public and private forest owners and managers are committed to developing and treating this natural and renewable resource according to the principles of sustainable management; downstream, this sector, an important source of employment, provides a living for our territories: wood and our forests make it possible to respond to many of the needs of our society.

Scientists, advisors, experts, managers, nurserymen, entrepreneurs and other forestry and environmental actors present at the 2022 forestry edition will share their knowledge and experience in the face of a major challenge: together, to build a more sustainable multifunctional forest ensuring the harmonious coexistence of its economic, ecological and social functions.

During the Libramont Fair (29/07 – 01/08/2022), the forestry exhibition in hall 3 will communicate on 4 major issues for the Forestry and Wood sector: the three functions (economic, ecological and social) of our forests, the adaptation of our silvicultures to global changes, the local transformation and consumption of our wood, raising public awareness of these issues and the training of the actors of the Forestry and Wood sector.





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