During set-up and breakdown

  • Pedestrians
    Pedestrians are not required to have special passes to circulate during set-up and breakdown. However, organisers reserve the right to check anyone who wants to enter the Demo Forest location and to take any measures they feel necessary.
  • Vehicles
    On the other hand, any vehicles accessing the site must have documents specifying the entrance and exits to be used (set-up/breakdown access plan). The exhibitor’s name and the stand number must appear clearly. The map will be provided with your stand confirmation in June. In order to keep the passageways clear on site, you are requested to go to the exhibitor car park closest to your site as soon as you finish (un)loading.

During demonstration days

  • Access to the stand/worksite is forbidden to vehicles. They must be parked in the exhibitor car parks. Your exhibitor badge is required to enter the car park and your stand/worksite. You can order and download this badge through the exhibitor’s portal.
  • Supply: a special authorisation is required to supply using your own vehicle. It can be requested using the document
  • Parking at the stand: special authorisation is required via the document

It is strictly forbidden to circulate on the demonstration route on a quad, motorcycle or any other motorised vehicle during opening hours unless you have a service pass issued by the organising committee.


1.Provide the following information: Location of the incident (stand, landmarks, ...). 2. Answer the following two questions: does the person speak to you? does the person walk? Stay close to the victim until help arrives.


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