The site of nearly 120 ha is exceptional for on-site events and for holding demonstrations under real conditions: easily drivable 4.5 km of gravel roads with wide grass strips, a range of different species, different types of tree stands, remarkable trees (arboretum created in 1940), welcome areas, marked walking trails, plots for reforestation, sites of biological interest, etc.

Au menu pour cette manifestation très interactive : 8 pôle commentées par des experts, 2 conférences débats (meilleures résilience & résistance des forêts, bilan de l’épidémie des scolytes & évolution des ressources forestières wallonnes), 3 championnats internationaux (bûcheronnage, débardage, arboriste grimpeur),
3 concours (habileté sur porteur, bûcheronnage étudiants, sculpture bois).

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Tree felling, agroforestry, local authorities, driving, wood energy, hunting, skidding, shredding, yarding, clearing, water, education, the environment, wood preparation, splitters, mowers, lubricants, wood construction, tools and accessories, fishing, small and large equipment, forest seedlings, tyres, game protection, trade press, research & development, Christmas trees, mobile saws, services, forestry, transport, chainsaw cutting, 4 x 4 vehicles, utility vehicles, forest roads

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