Chronic Lyme disease: scientific evidence. Ending the suffering and wandering of undiagnosed patients


Lyme disease is expanding in Europe and North America. It is transmitted by ticks and is due to bacterial species of the genus Borrelia. For Lyme disease and associated infections, diagnostic tests based on serology are unreliable. Thus many patients suffering from fatigue, pain, memory problems and concentrations as well as very varied signs (articular, muscular, neurological, psychiatric, cardiac, cutaneous, etc.) receive other diagnoses or are mistaken for psychosomatic patients and often rejected by the health system. For those who are diagnosed and treated, the antibiotic treatments that were recommended so far were short-lived (3-4 weeks), which is far from sufficient for many patients who continue to complain about their symptoms. In these patients developing a persistent form of the disease despite the “classic” treatments, research publications have been able to highlight the bacterium responsible in the blood

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Stand 046
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30 juillet
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11:00 – 12:00
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Professeur Perronne
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