The largest site for forestry demonstrations in Europe

180 HA of forest

200 exhibitors

500 machinery

40.000 visitors

Exhibit - Safety

During installation and dismantling

  • Pedestrians

    During installation and dismantling, pedestrians do not have to use a specific pass. However, the organiser reserves the right to monitor anyone willing to enter inside Demo Forest, and to take any measure it deems useful.

  • Vehicle

    Any vehicle entering the site must present documents specifying the entrance and exit that they must take (installation/dismantling access plan). The name of the exhibitor and stand number must clearly be shown. This plan will be attached to your stand confirmation in June. In order to avoid cluttering the aisles on the site, you are asked to get to the parking lot nearest to your site as soon as you finish unloading.

During demonstration days

  • Access to the stand/site is closed to vehicles, which must be parked in the parking areas for exhibitors. To access the parking and your stand/site, your forest exhibitor entry card is required (it will be sent with your stand confirmation and/or is to be ordered using the document "card order".
  • Supply : a special supply authorisation for your vehicle (between 08:00 and 09:00) must be requested through the downloadable document here.
  • Parking on the stand : a special authorisation must be requested using the document which can be downloaded here.

During opening hours, it is strictly forbidden to circulate by quad, motorcycle or any other motorized vehicle on the demonstration course, except upon presentation of a service pass issued by the Organizing Committee.


In addition to the Organiser's insurance, demonstrating exhibitors present on the demonstration plot guarantee that they are covered by liability insurance.

Demonstrating exhibitors are liable for any damage that they cause to goods and persons.


Exhibitors are required to comply with the legislation in force regarding safety in the workplace. Download here the Royal Decree dealing with safety in the workplace.

Emergency numbers

In case of an incident or accident or to report any serious issue, please use the following emergency numbers: + 32 (0) 61 22 22 23, 100 or 112.

  • 1. Communicate the following information :
    Location of the incident (stand, landmarks,...)
  • 2. Answer the two following questions :
    • Can the person speak ?
    • Can the person walk ?

Stay close to the victim until emergency services arrive.


The site will be monitored 24 hours a day by a certified security company, from the Saturday before the fair to the following Tuesday at midnight.

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